As health care moves increasingly towards promotion and prevention verses treatment, clients need professionals to guide them in Lifestyle Medicine (exercise and nutritional) programs for long-term health benefits. Through the use of the principals of exercise physiology, applied kinesiology, injury prevention, weight loss management and behavior modification techniques, we are able to develop safe and effective lifestyle management programs. These programs are developed to promote well being and are non-medical therapeutic. They incorporate diet and exercises that enhance flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, cardio-respiratory fitness, balance, coordination and body composition. In addition, programs include education material regarding other aspects of well being, wellness and life coaching, nutrition, weight management, stress management, wellness promotion, and cutting edge technologies that will enable us to forecast and enhance human performance in all aspects of health-fitness.

We offer a variety of services, Taylored to meet individual/corporate client needs. Examples include:

  1. 1
    Personal Wellness & Life Coaching

    One-on-one coaching assists individuals to live in resonance with core values and life purpose. Each person is unique, and through a variety of processes a person evokes greater motivation, clarity of purpose, and inner peace.

  2. 2
    Building Leadership and Personal Empowerment

    Groups are facilitated to examine current paradox, build communication and move through stages of change toward developing goals. Collaboration and co-creation are built; consensus is a natural outcome.

  3. 3
    Developing a systematic approach to Wellness and Self Empowered Leadership

    ½ – 1 day seminar – Resurrecting your health and well-being using

  4. 4

    A retreat setting inspires individuals and groups to move in different and deeper directions than the usual home or work environment. In a safe space, growth and learning occur in complex and amazing ways. Fundamental shifts occur in short periods of time.

Fitness and Health Promotion Information and Public Awareness Presentations, Workshops and Seminars Wellness Information Systems Exercise Prescription and Assessment

  • Wellness/Fitness Program Planning and Development
  • Wellness and Life Coaching
  • Corporate Wellness and Fitness Programs
  • Military Readiness and Training
  • Customized Nutritional Programs
  • Fitness Retreats and Well Being Programs
  • Exercise Prescription Assessment
  • Weight Management and Counseling
  • Personal Training and Group Fitness Programs
  • Boot Camp Style Fitness Programs

We develop these programs using the latest innovative evaluative modes by:

  • Collecting, compiling, analyzing, assimilating and assessing data relating to health and fitness
  • Developing health/fitness applications
  • Performing and interpreting comprehensive studies on the effects of physical activity and nutrition
  • Conduct research in appropriate physical readiness areas
  • Providing technical assistance with the implementation and evaluation of health/fitness programs