Wellness Programming
Weight Management and Loss (10 week program)
Nutritional Counseling
Meal Preparation and Planning
Smart shopping techniques
Wellness, Fitness, and Health Assessment and report
Wellness Development program
Stress Management sessions
Yoga/Pilate sessions
Life and Career Coaching/Personal Strategic planning
Mental Stimulation Muscle Relaxation Sessions
Day Get-Away Trips/ Wellness & Retreat Getaways
Mini Seminars/Workshops (based on customer need)
Group Trips

Nutritional jump-start package (weight loss, energy, restore health and vitality)

Fitness Activities
4-week Boot Camp fitness programs (groups /corporate)
Adventure Fitness club
Youth Fitness program (7-17 yrs) programming
Fitness training youth, adults, and seniors
Group Training (weekly/weekend)
Hiking (group/single)
Personal Training
Sport specific conditioning

 Life Style Medicine (” we can help most people restore their health using T4L wellness

Business or Corporate Services
Corporate Wellness consulting
Wellness Coaching
Corporate retreat wellness planning and workshop
Personal/Group Leadership activities

Concierge Wellness Services addressing the total health, fitness and wellness needs of a discerning clientele (office/home environment). This unique wellness programming and service require a 3-6 month commitment.

are available on an annual basis (Services are there when desired). We have several packages ranging from $750, $1000, and $3500. Services can be provided to you throughout the year when desired. Make an appointment to discuss your custom wellness program needs

(Seeking discovery & optimal balance )

a leisure way to go places very few travel  

Designed for overweight, obese, out-of-shape, stressed out, ill health, don’t know where to start, and getting people unstuck!

Senior Citizen Personal Concierge Services:

Our Senior Citizen Personal Concierge offers a wide range of services to help seniors simplify and manage their lives more effectively. The services available to seniors are limited only by their imagination. It is our missions to assist seniors live longer, healthier, while providing services to cater to their individual needs. Taylored 4 life’s Senior Citizen Personal Concierge will always be willing to customize a package for our client’s needs.

Note:  All services are provided with the highest degree of confidentiality

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