Health Risk Assessment

Affordable Care Act (ACA)Compliance

Todays health care professionals recognize the value of disease prevention and embrace more proactive and integrated approaches to patient care.

That’s why leading hospitals, physician practices, managed care organizations, physical therapy facilities and alternative care clinics rely on our assessment technology to identify patient health risks, initiate and monitor therapy progress and improve clinical outcomes.

In addition, every year employers confront skyrocketing healthcare and workers compensation premiums, increasing numbers of employees with chronic disease, and millions of dollars in losses from medical costs, lost productivity and absenteeism.

Helping people stay healthy costs far less than treating people once they become ill or injured. Proactive health, wellness and fitness assessments provide employers, health care management companies and insurers a better way to manage employee health risks, improve productivity and reduce overall health care costs.

– A health-screening questionnaire used to collect health status information and to determine your/client’s readiness for increased exercise activity.

The Health History program is a short set of questions based upon the popular Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) developed by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology. It is recommended as a minimal screening tool for anyone starting an exercise program. This program can identify the small number of people for whom exercise might be inappropriate or those who should seek medical advice concerning the most suitable type of exercise activity.

– Wellness assessment software to survey and analyze your/client’s lifestyle behaviors in the areas of exercise, nutrition, alcohol drinking, smoking, safety, and stress.

The Wellness Profile program examines lifestyle behaviors that can affect an individual’s health and longevity. The questionnaire focuses on the areas of exercise, nutrition, alcohol drinking, safety, tobacco use, and stress. The Wellness Profile analyzes your/client’s current health behaviors and provides recommendations to reduce the risk of future disease or disability.

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Questionaire Results